Mini- Dental Implants


Your Indianapolis IN Dentist Provides Mini-Dental Implants

Mini-Dental Implants are often referred to as MDI’s.MDI’s have changed the world of implant dentistry and have eliminated the need for surgery during placement. During this non-invasive procedure, your dentist will place anchors within your jaw. These anchors are commonly used to secure and stabilize dentures.

Due to the reduced size of the MDI, there is no recovery period post procedure like full implants. This way there is no lag time between the procedure and the fitting of dentures. Not only are they smaller, but gentler and less expensive.


A Mini-Dental implant resembles that of a screw. This titanium appliance serves in place of the natural tooth root. The top of the implant is round and shaped like a ball. This portion of the implant fits securely within a retaining mechanism that together holds the dentures in the desired position. With the support of the implant, the dentures can now rest comfortably on the gums and take on significant force and pressure.

Some advantages of MDI’s include:

-High success rate and comfortable fit

-Reduced expense


-Clear speech

-Fresh smelling breath

-Easier time chewing, biting, and cleaning


The MDI procedure typically takes about an hour. To begin, your Indianapolis IN dentist will administer a mild anesthetic to avoid any discomfort. A small hold will be drilled into the jawbone to accommodate each MDI being placed. The implant will be secured tightly with a winged wrench, then a ratchet wrench for maximum stability.  

Your denture will be measured and marked to accommodate the MDI placement. The denture will then be sent to a laboratory to drill holes based on these measurements. After proper modification, your denture will be affixed to the designated MDI’s.


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