Laser Tooth Fillings


No Shots or Drills at Your Laser Dentistry in Indianapolis IN

Approximately 80% of patients who receive laser dentistry in Indianapolis IN do not require a single shot to perform a tooth colored filling procedure.

To vaporize the decay that's in the tooth, it only targets the decayed tooth structure and makes sure to protect the surrounding, healthy structure. In comparison to the standard dental drill, which can potentially damage the healthy tooth structure around the cavity because of the heat and vibration of the drill, the hard-tissue laser's accuracy makes sure to protect and strengthen the damaged tooth.

The bonding properties of the dental laser fuse the restorative material to the tooth, making it one with the tooth. This will only the structure of your tooth!

This process is much more patient-friendly. There are many patients who are afraid of drills and needles, as well as high stress and anxiety from this procedure alone. It's a more effective procedure than a standard filling, minimizing the amount of "chair time" in order to accommodate our patients' schedules!


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