Teeth Whitening Is the Quickest Way to Look Years Younger

Teeth Whitening Is the Quickest Way to Look Years Younger

When you think about turning back the clock, wrinkle treatments like Botox® might come to mind — but did you know that teeth whitening can have just as big an impact, and it can also work faster?

At Tenth Street Family Dental, our outstanding team of talented dental care experts understands how upsetting it is to look older than you feel. We offer professional teeth whitening that can give you impressive results after just one visit to our Indianapolis, Indiana office. 

This month’s blog explores why teeth darken as you age and how professional teeth whitening can make you look years younger. 

How your teeth change as you age

If you think your teeth look darker than they did a decade ago, it isn’t just your imagination. Over the years, the enamel coating your teeth starts thinning. This allows more of the tooth layer beneath that — the naturally yellowish dentin — to show through.

Of course, the foods and drinks you consume, like coffee, tea, berries, and tomato sauce, all contribute to tooth stains as well. 

Even though you can help to slow enamel loss by taking good care of your teeth and avoiding acidic foods that attack enamel, those measures won’t completely stop the process or prevent your teeth from darkening a bit over time. 

However, professional teeth whitening can make a tremendous difference in your appearance.

How teeth whitening can help you look years younger 

Studies show that people tend to perceive individuals with darker teeth as being older — and nobody wants to look older than they feel. At Tenth Street Dental, we offer office-based teeth whitening that can remove enamel stains and give you a more youthful look in only about an hour. 

With our professional teeth whitening system, the team applies a powerful peroxide-based gel to your teeth. We also apply a gel or protective material to your gums to prevent bleaching or irritation. 

Then, we use a special light, shining it on your treated teeth. The light activates the bleaching process, allowing the gel to break down and remove surface enamel stains. We do this process in stages, so we may repeat these steps up to three times to arrive at the level of whiteness that makes you happy and comfortable. 

With office-based teeth whitening, you can look years younger when you leave our office. But, we also offer a take-home teeth whitening option, with custom-made mouth trays. You wear the trays daily for a recommended period, and the gel gradually lifts stains over a few weeks. 

Teeth whitening appointments at least once a year can help you maintain your white and youthful smile. For extra-stubborn teeth stains, our office also offers a more permanent method of whitening your smile: porcelain veneers. Veneers cover your teeth with custom-made panels that can be as white as you like. 

Our experienced cosmetic dentistry specialists are ready to help you recapture a youthful look in as little as an hour in the Tenth Street Family Dental office. Give us a call, or click the online contact button to connect with us now.

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